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Cunningham Estates Kitchen Remodel

This project was particularly meaningful, as it stemmed from a client who had toured one of my previous works over two years before this remodel. They had been searching for the perfect home for quite some time and had enlisted my help to evaluate several potential properties. After numerous attempts, they finally found and purchased what will be their dream home when we are finished all the projects!
One of the challenges we faced was dealing with an outdated, unattractive fluorescent kitchen light. Removing it entirely would have required retexturing and repainting the ceilings in the kitchen, living room, and dining area—a task that was beyond the budget. Instead, we devised a creative solution by transforming the existing fixture into an upgraded design element, featuring a wooden tray accent and recessed lighting. This not only resolved the issue but also added a unique touch to the space.


Wood Eden Renovation

Diving into this project near the St. John's Town Center in Jacksonville, Florida was an absolute blast! With a fantastic crew of contractors and amazing clients, every step felt like a breeze. We embarked on a journey of transformation, revamping the primary bathroom and kitchen layouts to infuse them with luxury. These changes not only refreshed the spaces but also added a whole new level of aesthetic appeal to the home.

91 28th Ave S - WebSized-23.jpg

South Jacksonville Beach New Construction

I had the privilege of being involved in the design process for one of two stunning new construction homes valued at 2.5 million dollars each. The builder entrusted me with the task of ensuring these homes were impeccably designed to attract top-dollar buyers. For this particular project, we opted for a bold approach, incorporating striking dark blue tile as the defining feature throughout the entire home.

02-Photo - 002.jpg

Sutton Park Master & Guest Bath Renovation

The client's vision for her bathrooms was to evoke a sense of cleanliness, elegance, and spa-like tranquility. To achieve this, I recommended introducing natural wood tones to add warmth to the otherwise cool ambiance. I'm delighted with the outcome and how the design seamlessly embodies a timeless aesthetic.

73 28th Ave S - WebSized-36.jpg

South Jacksonville Beach New Construction

I had the privilege of contributing to the design of one of two exquisite new construction homes valued at 2.5 million dollars each. The builder's aim was to ensure these homes were not only impeccably crafted but also highly appealing to potential buyers, commanding top dollar in the market. Recognizing the prevalent coastal style in beachfront locales, this particular home was infused with a charming coastal theme, capturing the essence of seaside living in its design.

1-web-or-mls-739 Charmwood_001.jpg

St Augustine Florida Full Home Renovation

I adore working with clients who embrace bold and adventurous styles! What began as a simple kitchen and flooring refresh for this renovation quickly evolved into a full-scale remodel. While I maintained most of the kitchen's original layout, I took the opportunity to optimize the island footprint, maximizing space utilization and ensuring ample room for the family's needs.

13-web-or-mls-1551 1st St S, Unit 703_013_edited.jpg

Jacksonville Beach Ocean Front Condo Remodel & Furnish

I had the privilege of completely renovating this stunning beachfront vacation home, from floor to ceiling, and then furnishing it. Despite facing some challenges with the layout due to its unique design and constraints, such as being a top-floor condo with restrictions on altering certain elements like light fixture placement and bump outs, we embraced creativity to overcome these obstacles. While the clients initially preferred a neutral palette, I gently encouraged them to step slightly out of their comfort zone, and they were thrilled with the final outcome!

12-Photo - 012.jpg

Jacksonville Golf & Country Club Renovation

These clients showcased impeccable taste; they simply required some guidance and support in realizing their vision. Our collaboration involved a comprehensive transformation, including the complete remodeling of three bathrooms, installation of new LVP flooring in the living areas, and a rejuvenation of the kitchen. The kitchen refresh encompassed replacing cabinet faces, installing a new backsplash, upgrading all hardware and fixtures, and crafting a stunning custom hood, resulting in a space that exuded both functionality and elegance.


Jacksonville Beach Air BnB Redesign

The owners of this Airbnb sought my expertise to elevate their property, aiming to increase bookings and command higher rates per night. While updates such as fresh paint, a stylish backsplash, and the conversion of a window into French doors enhanced the home's appeal, it was the carefully curated decor that truly tied the space together. Given the property's frequent use, sourcing budget-friendly yet durable furniture was paramount to achieving both aesthetic and functional goals.


Jacksonville Master Bath Renovation

We transformed a cramped bathroom into a luxurious master ensuite with a spa-like ambiance that beckons you to linger. Achieving this involved extensive renovations, including the removal of multiple walls and the creation of a brand-new layout from the ground up. The serene color palette and the textural allure of the hexagon tiles were instrumental in capturing the tranquil essence of a spa retreat, ensuring that every moment spent in the space is infused with relaxation and rejuvenation.


Nocatee Florida Partial Remodel

Stay tuned for Phase 2 with new LVP flooring! This newly purchased home needed a refresh, so we painted the cabinets, added quartz countertops, and gave the fireplace a stunning makeover. New lighting and decorative touches complete the look for now, with plans for flooring and bathroom updates in the future.


Mid Century Modern Bathroom Remodel

I truly enjoy collaborating with clients who embrace bold and adventurous styles, and who entrust me to take risks in the design process! For this project, we redesigned the shower layout to create a more spacious feel and installed a larger vanity to enhance functionality. It's a testament to the fact that even in small spaces, beauty knows no bounds!


Jacksonville Beach Bungalow Renovation

From inception to completion, we transformed this detached 600-square-foot pool house into a stunning studio apartment that dreams are made of! With a blank canvas to work with, I meticulously designed the space to feature a spacious kitchen complete with a mobile island, a luxurious tile shower, and a generous walk-in closet. The result is a perfect oasis, seamlessly blending functionality with ample storage for an unparalleled living experience.


Ortega Full Home Remodel

Designing this charming 100-year-old Spanish revival home was an absolute delight! While preserving its original allure, such as the beautiful hardwood floors, elegant archways, and the iconic original tub, I embarked on a journey of functional transformation. The layout underwent significant changes, particularly in the kitchen and dining areas, where we achieved an open-concept design. Not only did we incorporate a small island, but we also carved out space for a charming coffee bar. In the master suite, which originally featured a small jack and jill bathroom, I faced a challenge but succeeded in crafting a luxurious ensuite befitting the home's caliber.


Eclectic Office Design

The owners envisioned a vibrant space with a nautical eclectic theme for this office. By incorporating pieces from various styles, we achieved a truly unique aesthetic that blends the charm of old and new. The eclectic mix adds character and personality to the space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that's both stylish and cozy.

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Amelia Island Full Remodel & Furnishing

This beach house underwent a complete renovation and redecoration, infusing it with a bright and airy ambiance throughout most spaces. However, to inject some captivating drama, I opted for a moody green paint in select rooms. One standout feature of this home is the decorative tile stair rises, seamlessly tying into the kitchen backsplash and adding a unique touch of character. Additionally, I designed a large custom bar-height wooden table, perfect for gathering and entertaining. With this home often hosting large family get-togethers, prioritizing ample seating and sleeping space was paramount for the clients.


Water Oak Master & Guest Bath Renovation

These bathrooms underwent a complete transformation, reimagined to embody a modern aesthetic that captivates with its layered textures and diverse tile selections. In the master bathroom, we went even further, completely reworking the layout to craft a luxurious, high-end spa-like oasis. The final result is a stunning retreat where clients can indulge in ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.


Porpoise Point Florida Full Home Renovation

The owners of this magnificent multi-million-dollar beachfront residence aimed to preserve its architectural integrity while infusing it with modern finishes. To achieve this, we replaced the dated green carpet in the kitchen with stunning white oak hardwood flooring, elevating the space to meet its prestigious value. While maintaining a traditional design in the kitchen and living areas, I introduced playful decorative tiles in the bathrooms, adding a touch of whimsy to the overall aesthetic.


Southside Full Home Renovation

This property underwent a total transformation, saved from the brink of demolition when it came under my care. Originally a 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom layout with significant functional challenges, I overhauled the floor plan to introduce a second bathroom, enhancing its overall value. Additionally, I seamlessly integrated an inviting open-concept living and kitchen area, perfect for hosting gatherings and entertaining guests.


Charleston Full Home Renovation

This spacious marshside residence underwent a comprehensive remodel, featuring significant layout alterations aimed at enhancing its value. Among the most notable transformations was the addition of a versatile mother-in-law suite, perfect for potential Airbnb use, complete with its own bathroom and kitchenette facilities.


Buccaneer Kitchen Refresh

The homeowner desired a kitchen update that would breathe new life into the space without breaking the bank or sacrificing her custom cabinetry. Instead of opting for a costly overhaul, we painted the cabinets, installed sleek quartz countertops, and added a stylish backsplash. Completing the transformation, new cabinet hardware and a modern sink faucet refreshed the kitchen, achieving a revitalized look and feel without exceeding the budget.

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