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As your dedicated full-service Interior Designer, Lindsay Semenuk of Zen Reno & Design seamlessly caters to a spectrum of needs, whether it's expertly furnishing a single room or orchestrating a grand remodel from inception to completion.



Schedule a 1 hour consultation and let me bring my expertise directly to your doorstep or project site. During our walkthrough, we'll delve into the areas you're looking to enhance and the challenges you're facing. Together, we'll explore your vision, style preferences, and functional requirements, while also addressing any potential hurdles. I'll provide insightful answers to your questions, along with my professional recommendations tailored to your space.

Jacksonville Beach Interior Designer


Allow me to craft a personalized style profile and pinpoint the exact needs of each space. Whether it's incorporating your existing furniture to maximize savings or a totally fresh start, my aim is to curate a space that has the allure of HGTV, tailored precisely to you and your family's preferences. Whether it's a full-scale home makeover or a subtle rejuvenation that delivers a significant impact, count on myself and my team to deliver luxury you will enjoy for years to come.

Jacksonville Golf & Country Club Bathroom Renovation


Renovations can be overwhelming, but with my expertise, I'll seamlessly coordinate every detail—from selecting finishes to ensuring design cohesion and even recommending my preferred contractors. Crafting a harmonious flow throughout your home requires meticulous planning and a keen sense of design cohesion. I specialize in optimizing floor plans to add value and functionality, even in challenging spaces. Let me alleviate your stress and deliver a fabulous outcome that exceeds your expectations.

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Nicholas D

When I contacted Lindsay to sell my house, she informed me that with the condition it was in I would be leaving about 100k on the table selling it as is. With her help, I secured a small 20k loan to do some cosmetic updates. Herself and her contractors handled to entire renovation seamlessly. She knew what needed to be replaced to add value to the home and what we could get away with keeping to save money. The house turned out so great I thought about keeping it! But we listed and were under contract for full price with multiple offers in just a few days. Lindsay helped me get the most out of my investment, something I never would have thought of or been able to do without her guidance. I am so grateful for her and so are my pockets.


Thank you, expect to be contacted shortly!

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