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As a full-service Interior Designer, Lindsay Semenuk with Zen Reno & Design can accommodate everything from furnishing a small space to a full remodel



Book a 45 minute consultation where I travel to your home for a walkthrough of the areas you're wanting to improve. We will go over your vision/needs for the space as well as discuss potential obstacles. Together, we will come up with a rough design plan and I will answer any questions and give my professional opinion.

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I work with you to determine your style and needs for each space. I can reuse big pieces of furniture you already have to save money, or start completely fresh to create a space that is HGTV worthy and perfect for you and your family. My goal is luxury on a budget when designing spaces and using items that will not only look pleasing but function and hold up to normal wear.

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Executing a successful renovation can be stressful and overwhelming. When designing a renovation, it's important to make the spaces throughout the home cohesive, which takes planning and a skilled eye. Allow me to handle picking out all the finishes and colors for your renovation and be certain it will turn out fabulous! I also specialize in floor plan changes to add value and make the rooms more functional, even in tough spaces that seem hopeless.

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Nicholas D

When I contacted Lindsay to sell my house, she informed me that with the condition it was in I would be leaving about 100k on the table selling it as is. With her help, I secured a small 20k loan to do some cosmetic updates. Herself and her contractors handled to entire renovation seamlessly. She knew what needed to be replaced to add value to the home and what we could get away with keeping to save money. The house turned out so great I thought about keeping it! But we listed and were under contract for full price with multiple offers in just a few days. Lindsay helped me get the most out of my investment, something I never would have thought of or been able to do without her guidance. I am so grateful for her and so are my pockets.

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